Cutting Your Energy Bill

Saving money is something we can all agree on, and the first step in cutting your electric bill is to know where you're using energy. With this in mind, Little Ocmulgee EMC is pleased to offer, free to our customers, the Apogee Home Energy Suite. This collection of online programs can help you figure out ways to reduce your energy bill, as well as learn about electricity.

Home Energy Calculator button.

Home Energy Calculator

With the Home Energy Calculator, you can determine if your energy use is normal for your type of home, and can help you figure out ways to cut your energy useage.

Appliance Energy Calculator button.

Appliance Energy Calculator

Ever wonder how much it costs to run your home appliances? This program can help your calculate your usage.

Lighting Energy Calculator button.

Lighting Calculator

How much does your lighting add to your monthly bill? This calculator can answer that question

Television Energy Calculator button.

Television Calculator

Big screen TVs can have a big impact on your electric bill. Click here to learn more

Space Heater Calculator button.

Electric Space Heater Calculator

Electic space heaters are a good way to heat small cold spots for short periods, but also have an impact on your electric bill. Don't get burned: Check this space heater energy use calculator before you buy.

Interactive Energy Home button.

Interactive Energy Home

Want to know more about home energy use? Click here to take an interactive tour of a virtual home.

Home Energy Library button.

Home Energy Libary

How can reading your meter give clues to your energy usage? What is the role of ventilation in your home? Click here to learn about these and other home energy topics.

Governor's Energy Challenge button.

Governor's Energy Challenge

GEC is a program to help Georgians reduce energy use, and offers a home energy calculator and money-saving tips. Click here to take the challenge.

Electricity Fundamentals button.

Fundamentals of Electricity

How does electricity get to your home? What's the difference betweeen a service drop and a service entrance? What are the basics of electrical safety? Click here for the answer to these questions and more.

Kid's Korner button.

Kid's Korner

For young and old alike. Learn the very basics of energy and energy safety. Plus, there's an online coloring book for kids.